Sunday, January 31, 2016

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Shoes

Think it is a stupid question? Think again. You have to think about and ask for some common question, before making your purchase of walking shoes. So, here are some generally asked questions about the shoes – find out the relevant answers to these burning questions with us-
What are the causes of arch pain??

Usually (and we say usually because we like to see you in the store and assess each case), arch pain in your feet is a sign that the shoes you are wearing are not providing enough support and comfortability to your feet or the shoes have lost their cushioning and support.
The shoe lacing method does really matter?

Accept it or not, but most of your feet problems with the shoes can be caused by a few simple shoe lacing methods.
Lace locking- The Lace locking is a simple and common way of lacing your shoes and is something we use each single time. This simple lace locking technique locks the heel into the back of your shoe, and helps to prevent slipping in the heel and give you more ankle support.
Does it matter what socks I wear?
Probably your socks are the cause of your problem, if you are suffering from hot feet, smelly feet, blisters, or all of them. Then we recommend going for the Lightfeet, Experia or the Thorlo socks – fit for everyone.

Are numb toes normal?
No. The numbing and ill-fitting in the toes is not normal, and also isn’t a part of the process of breaking in new walking shoes. If the shoes either the shoes are not providing good support for arch and/or very narrow in width, then the numbing and tingly usually happens.
Why I have burning in the back of the heel?
That uncomfortable and irritating feeling of the feet being on fire or heating up and feeling heavy is a sign of lack of support and comfortability through the arch. To give yourself enough comfort and support through the arch – head in the store and try some inner soles, or you may be due for some new shoes.
On a regular base, by keeping your shoes up to date, you can avoid these harsh problems.